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Gcse english language 8700 1 paper 1 mark scheme, Non plagiarized essays

by RuslanBrovkin
09 August 2018
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than identifying metaphors. She would photocopy essays that other students did and show us them. This is where it gets tricky. Why this, here, now? So many people have gone off on the notion that its about sophisticated and accurate subject terminology than it is about quality of comment. You can analyse Shakespeare in many ways: his cultural New Historicism, via Marxism, via Feminism, via Homer Simpsons Theory of Life, if you like. Your comment on the effect of this arrangement of ideas is the most important thing. The key skill for Question 2 is analysis of language, not identification of f igures of speech. Can you imagine spending two weeks learning to do something and you fail, and everyone else who does a way simpler thing gets an A*?! It depends on the quality of your answer. Its meant that some students prioritise flashy, complicated terminology over good comments. First, there is a thread for each of the three things were looking for on Question. There is no hierarchy in which beginning, middle and end are less sophisticated in terminology than exposition, rising action and dénouement. I can read books and learn how to. Why is the writer taking me through this particular sequence? Is Narrative Voice a structural feature? Ill look more on comments in a future post. Not least when all I want to know is why conclusion the writer put this idea before the one that follows, or why he repeats one idea from the beginning to the end. Finally, where it comes to the comment, we need specifics, not generalisations. You can read about the question itself on that article. So I just wanted to make it clear that all Im talking about are the four levels on the markscheme. If I think youre going to be marking my performance at hula hooping starts and youre really marking my costume and my footwork, Im going to fail. What it is essentially getting at is the need for you to write about the content of that sentence, not its construction.

Paper 1, if writing more isnt the solution. But it raised the bar, you will not be penalised if you dont use them flax or book you find other structural features interesting to write about. And then another that gets you.

Then it tells you where in the text the passage comes from. Level 3 is worth 56 paper marks. As well as what those analytical comments look like. Wed had a change of teacher.