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by 96707
07 August 2018
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because I was able to improve on my weakness which I had which was my presentation skills and this allowed me to improve this in a later presentation I did for another module. All Answers ltd, 'Reflection Paper on Criminology Group Presentation' (m, September 2018) p?vref1 accessed 24 September 2018. Although there was a lot of work in preparing for this exercise, improvements can always be made. Over the independent study week we decided as a group which area we want to study which was Harlesden. These assessments can be quantitative or qualitative. The groups we were in were allocated at random, this was done by giving each person a number between one and four, the number you were given is the group that you are in, this led there to mixed groups with mixed levels of ability. Reflective activity, what is involved in this activity? Nervousness is a major problem for many people during public speaking. Professor Montoyas total grade for the project combines a group grade (75) and an individual grade (25). After I decided I then looked on the internet for information and statistics for robbery, the main website I used was the Metropolitan Police statistics website as it was reliable and we were shown how to navigate the website in the seminar. In other words, you should assess process (how students work) as well as product (the work they produce). Peer review, encouraging students to give each other regular feedback in group meetings helps them practise integrating reflective practices. Along the way, it's important that they reflect on group processes. All of the principles of assessment that apply to individual work apply to group work as well. Helping students identify how they can improve.

Reflect on the process of your group presentations essay:

What percentage of the students total project grade will be based on the groups performance. Provide opportunities for students to presentations practise articulating aspects of their skills development. Is it a good solutiondesign, the Eberly Center can help you find. To develop group skills, such as the ability to generate a range of ideas. Into a students grade, this helps them form generalised principles based on their experience. Student portfolio, did the group communicate effectively with the client. In the rest of this reflection I am going to write reflecting on different parts of my presentation and how I could have done it better and improve it for the next time. My voice could have been louder and more variant.

Along the way, it s important that they reflect on group proce sses.Performance in a group presentation; or the process of compiling.This was mainly down to working with a group of people.

goals He asks students to complete a peer evaluation for every member of their team. One problem with this was that one member of the group almost always never showed up to the meetings which isnt useful for the group or the individual. The Reflective Practitioner, after I have done this they told me I can then use these statistics and compare it with the previous year.